Translation of “The Prusík Lineage 1515 – 1970” finished

After a very long time, I can finally present you with the translation of the brochure “Dějiny rodu Prusíků 1515 – 1970” by Josef Prusík.

First, it had to be scanned from an original print and then digitized (manually rewritten). During this process, my friend also added relevant footnotes with historical context, links to relevant resources and more than a dozen of vizual materials which are now part of the document.

Then, the text went through a professional translation from Czech to English and finally, it was typesetted with LaTeX.

The document is freely available on the page about our lineage with the hope that many of our relatives who no longer know Czech learn about their roots and ancestry.

How to run Varying Vagrant Vagrants aka VVV on Windows 10

If you ever need to install Varying Vagrant Vagrants on Windows 10, this is what worked for me (three times on three different computers).

Tested with Windows 10 64bit, VirtualBox 5.0.20, Vagrant 1.8.4, Cygwin 2.5.1 and VVV 1.3.0.


  • Administrator privileges
  • Good enough hardware
  • Basic knowledge of VVV
  • Basic knowledge of linux shell
  • Patience
  • Luck (or a bloody sacrifice to some dark god)
  • User name that doesn’t contain spaces in C:\Users\%YOUR_NAME%

Note: If you do have spaces in your username, Cygwin is going to create your home directory in C:\Cygwin64\%YOUR USERNAME% which will later cause problems with running Vagrant. So, right after installing Cygwin, you need to change your home directory to something without spaces and other controversial characters.

Steps to follow

  1. Install Virtualbox.
  2. Install Vagrant.
  3. Install Cygwin.
    1. While installing, select (at least) these additional packages: git, curl and nano.
    2. Choose to create the desktop shortcut.
  4. Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) and don’t ask me why.
  5. Locate the file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and change its privileges so that you (the current user) can read and write to it.
  6. Open Cygwin and continue working in the terminal.
  7. Get VVV: git clone
  8. Adjust the Customfile to get over a nasty Vagrant/Windows issue:
    cd VVV
    nano Customfile
    and then add these two lines to the Customfile: = "trusty32"
    config.vm.box_url = ""

    and save with Ctrl+O, Ctrl+X.
  9. Install the hosts updater plugin: vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater.
  10. Install the triggers plugin: vagrant plugin install vagrant-triggers.
  11. Start the whole thing by vagrant up.
  12. Go grab a coffee or six, it will take a while even if your hardware is good.
  13. Let me know how it worked for you.

Background noise / ambient / calm music / sound loops

If you have something similar or weird in the same way, please share. :)