Translation of “The Prusík Lineage 1515 – 1970” finished

After a very long time, I can finally present you with the translation of the brochure “Dějiny rodu Prusíků 1515 – 1970” by Josef Prusík.

First, it had to be scanned from an original print and then digitized (manually rewritten). During this process, my friend also added relevant footnotes with historical context, links to relevant resources and more than a dozen of vizual materials which are now part of the document.

Then, the text went through a professional translation from Czech to English and finally, it was typesetted with LaTeX.

The document is freely available on the page about our lineage with the hope that many of our relatives who no longer know Czech learn about their roots and ancestry.

A trip to Sedlec u Kralovic

Here are some photos from my short trip to Sedlec u Kralovic, where our lineage – Prusík – comes from (first written record in 1515).

Click on a thumbnail to view full size photo. Please excuse photo quality, they were taken by a smartphone.

If you look for more information about the Prusík lineage, please follow to this page.