Personal information

Name: Bc. Jan Štětina
Nationality: czech
Born: 9/1988
Status: single

Contact: here.


  • 2001 – 2008: Německá škola v Praze, s.r.o. (German school in Prague):

  • 2008+: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague: Finished bachelor degree in 2012, continuing to study software engineering.

Job experience

Capabilities and skills

  • English, German and of course Czech language (written and spoken)

  • Flexibility, organizational skills
  • Practical experience with WordPress
  • Practical knowledge of PHP, MySQL, CSS.
  • Programming languages: C++, C#, also basics of Prolog, Haskell and R

Personal interests

nature, programming, blog, human psyche and health, travelling, railway, tea and many more

Last updated: 30.6.2012

Bc. Jan Štětina

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