Vodafone Combo modem (CTD-200) in linux with network-manager

In this post I’m going to describe my particular problem, it’s solution and links to sites that helped me solve it. Big thanks to my friend Vladimír.

Recently I bougth a modem called “Vodafone Mobile Connect kombo“, which is in fact Celot CTD-200, and I was trying to make it work in Lubuntu 12.04. The main problem was that the device was not recognized as a modem. Following guide will make possible to use it through network-manager (which should theoretically work on most distros where it is installed).

  1. Install modemmanager, usb-modeswitch a usb-modeswitch-data.
  2. Create file /etc/udev/rules.d/99-celot-vodafone.rules (for example) and insert line ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="211f", ATTR{idProduct}=="6809", RUN+="/sbin/modprobe usbserial vendor=0x211f product=0x6809"
    1. This guide may work for other modems as well, but it is neccessary to replace “vendor” and “product” values (you can get them through the lsusb command).
  3. If you want to observe the connection process, open a new terminal and execute tail /var/log/syslog -f.
  4. Connect modem to USB and wait… (you’ll know the appropriate time by observing syslog, for me it is about a minute)
  5. Click with right mouse button on the network manager icon and check “Allow mobile broadband”, if unchecked.
  6. There should be a new connection available.
  7. You’ll need to enter PIN for the first time (follow the guide).
  8. Next time the process should be automatized.

I hope I didn’t forget something… Don’t be afraid to ask questions or tell me your feedback or experience. I am no expert but I’ll try to help.



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