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    This is a very brief english version of Blogparser home page. I actually do not expect any non-czech-speaking visitors as blog.cz is only czech blog server. More information will be provided if needed. Please don’t be afraid to ask in comments on this page.




    Running the program

    • Run it from console as a regular Java program.
    • It expects two commandline arguments, name of the blog (not the full url, e.g. for http://myblog.blog.cz enter only myblog) and output path.

    java -jar blogparser.jar mujblog ~/export

    • Contact me in case of any errors and don’t forget to attach error message.


    blogparser 2.0 – 29.10.2013


    Please use only comments on this page to contact me regarding Blogparser.


    This post is also available in: Czech

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